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A Triumph of Teamwork: Successful Removal of Massive Scaffolding Beam at ITER Site

In a commendable display of teamwork, our skilled lifting team successfully removed a massive 25-meter-long, 10-ton stainless steel scaffolding beam at the ITER site. The task, critical for upcoming construction, saw collaboration from experts at Momentum, Entrepose, Vernazza, Foselev, and Daher/Mamoet.

Using two 50-ton overhead cranes, precisely operated by the Foselev team, the operation hinged on meticulous planning and coordination. The Momentum and Entrepose teams worked seamlessly to adapt scaffoldings for a smooth removal, while the Vernazza team's detailed analysis ensured technical compliance and safety.

Supervised by Momentum, the team, led by our WS1 Coordinator, overcame challenges with precision, emphasizing safety and rule adherence. This successful operation sets a new standard for future projects, showcasing the importance of united teamwork, thorough preparation, and effective communication in handling complex tasks at the ITER site.

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