Europe delivers poloidal field coil #5

July 2021

On Monday 26th, was delivered the Poloidal Field Coil #5, manufactured by Europe. One of the six ring-shaped coils required for the machine. It measures 17 metres in diameter and weights approximately 340 tonnes

First Poloidal Field Coil Lift

April 2021

On Wednesday 22nd was installed the Poloidal Field Coil #6. 9 temporary supports maintain the bottom cylinder. This 400-tonnes component—poloidal field coil #6 of 10 meters diameter is the first superconducting magnet to enter the Tokamak pit. Temporary supports will stay until the vacuum vessel is assembled and welded.


First Vacuum Vessel Lift

April 2021

After several days of works preparation, tools set up, metrology with monitoring and tuning of the VV6 center of gravity, the lifting of the 440-tonnes Vacuum Vessel sector #6 and its positioning in the sector sub-assembly tool was done. Before the end of 2021, the 1,200-tonnes pre-assembly will be lowered into the pit, marking the first step in creating the Tokamak's toroidal chamber.

First thermal shield installed

January 2021

On January 24th, the ITER assembly and construction teams successfully inserted the cylindrical Lower Cryostat Thermal Shield into the Tokamak pit. Its silver-coated panels are designed to minimize the radiation heat load that will reach the magnets operating at 4.5 K.