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Employees are the lifeblood of the company, therefore we cultivate the diversity of profiles and experiences.

Here are our main Human Resources commitments:

  • Ensure diversified recruitment by prioritizing skills in each area 

  • Help our talents to grow and reach their career goals by offering them various trainings 

  • Support our employees expectations with annual reviews and mobility opportunities within the project

CANVA SITE 2_edited.jpg
CANVA SITE 2_edited.jpg
CANVA SITE 2_edited.jpg

 Electrical Supervisor 

  • Ensuring the safe execution of site construction activities.

  • Leading by example as a safety role model for all parties involved.

  • Supervising the entire construction process, from the initial phase to the final handover to operations.

  • Ensuring that construction work is carried out safely and efficiently, in compliance with legal, regulatory, and customer requirements.

  • Managing contractor activities to optimize scheduling and execution.

  • Assisting contractors in obtaining necessary permits and ensuring timely material deliveries.

  • Supervising site support services, including scaffolding and lifting.

  • Monitoring and coordinating daily on-site construction activities.

  • Minimizing construction site risks by identifying and mitigating hazards.

  • Participating in direct coordination activities as needed.


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Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board
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